PrefSolve™: The Core Decision Support Tool that Undergirds Our Strategic Approach to a Wide Range of Business Issues.
Benefits of Our Approach to New Product Design
  • Identifies the optimal product feature mix.
  • Allows the strategist to develop optimal products by submarket.
  • Allows the strategist to develop other outcomes, such as product line extension, without major investments or risks.
  • Links to more real-world behaviors (likelihood of purchase, percent likelihood of purchase, switching, retention, revenue) than current generation simulators.
  • Tests million of potential new product configurations automatically. This is achieved using goal-solving techniques.
  • Allows exhaustive understanding of what is important to each submarket through the use of computer-aided significance scanning. (PrefSolve™ automatically sets up all the permutations of segments that exist in the research and finds which attributes of the product differ significantly between segments.)
  • Develops strategies based on what gets people to buy rather than who they are. That is, the simulation system embeds buyer value segments developed from the survey, and finds the optimal product configurations for those segments.

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